Elections 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round! It’s that time again in the good ol’ U.S. of A. when we dust off our “I Voted” stickers, roll up our sleeves, and engage in the world’s favorite spectator sport: democracy! Yes, folks, the 2023 United States elections are upon us, and it’s shaping up to be a political rodeo like no other.

Picture this: politicians shaking hands, babies kissing voters, and enough campaign flyers to wallpaper the White House. It’s a season of high stakes and even higher approval ratings—well, maybe not always. But hey, when it comes to American elections, expect the unexpected.

We’ve got everything from governors vying for a second act to mayors trying to keep their jobs. It’s a buffet of democracy, and we’re here to take a bite.

So, whether you’re a political junkie, a casual observer, or just someone looking for a reason to use your fancy pen to fill in those little bubbles, join us as we navigate the quirky, tumultuous, and sometimes downright hilarious journey through the heart of American politics. Let the political games begin! 🇺🇸💪🗳️

# Analyzing the 2023 United States Elections: Federal, State, and Local

The 2023 United States elections, slated for Tuesday, November 7, 2023, promise to be a significant event in the country’s political landscape. This off-year election includes a range of races and referendums, from gubernatorial and state legislative elections to mayoral contests and citizen initiatives. Additionally, there have been several special elections to the United States Congress, reflecting the ever-changing political dynamics of the nation.

## Federal Elections

### U.S. House of Representatives
At least three special elections took place in 2023 to fill vacancies in the 118th U.S. Congress. Here’s a quick look at these races:

1. **Virginia’s 4th Congressional District**: Democrat Jennifer McClellan triumphed over Republican Leon Benjamin, succeeding the late Donald McEachin. This district, with a partisan index of D+16, remains solidly in Democratic hands.

2. **Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District**: Democrat David Cicilline resigned to head the Rhode Island Foundation. Democratic nominee Gabe Amo is expected to secure this D+14 district, making it a safe seat for the Democratic Party.

3. **Utah’s 2nd Congressional District**: Republican Chris Stewart’s departure due to his wife’s health issues created an opening in this R+11 district. Republican nominee Celeste Maloy faces Democratic State Senator Kathleen Reibe and five independent candidates, with Republicans likely retaining control.

## State Elections

### Gubernatorial Elections
Three states held gubernatorial elections in 2023:

1. **Kentucky**: Incumbent Democrat Andy Beshear sought re-election for a second term.

2. **Louisiana**: Two-term Democrat John Bel Edwards was term-limited and unable to run for re-election.

3. **Mississippi**: Incumbent Republican Tate Reeves aimed for re-election.

### Attorney General Elections
Three states hosted attorney general elections:

1. **Kentucky**: Republican Daniel Cameron retired to run for governor.

2. **Louisiana**: Two-term Republican Jeff Landry also retired to seek the governorship.

3. **Mississippi**: One-term Republican Lynn Fitch sought re-election.

### Secretary of State Elections
Three states held secretary of state elections:

1. **Kentucky**: Incumbent Republican Michael Adams ran for re-election.

2. **Louisiana**: Two-term Republican Kyle Ardoin retired.

3. **Mississippi**: Incumbent Republican Michael Watson sought re-election.

### State Treasurer Elections
Three states conducted state treasurer elections:

1. **Kentucky**: Two-term Republican Allison Ball was term-limited, seeking the state auditor position.

2. **Louisiana**: Two-term Republican John Schroder retired to run for governor.

3. **Mississippi**: One-term Republican David McRae ran for re-election.

### State Agriculture Commissioner Elections
Three states held agriculture commissioner elections:

1. **Kentucky**: Two-term Republican Ryan Quarles was term-limited, running for governor.

2. **Louisiana**: Four-term Republican Michael G. Strain aimed for re-election.

3. **Mississippi**: Two-term Republican Andy Gipson ran for re-election.

### State Supreme Court Elections
Two states, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, had state Supreme Court elections in 2023:

1. **Wisconsin**: Janet Protasiewicz defeated Daniel Kelly in a race to replace the retired Justice Patience Roggensack.

2. **Pennsylvania**: The election, slated for November 7, 2023, will fill the seat vacated by the late Justice Max Baer, with Daniel McCaffery (Democratic) and Carolyn Carluccio (Republican) as the respective nominees.

## Legislative Elections

Legislative elections took place in several states, including Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Virginia. Additionally, special elections were held to fill open legislative seats, with reasons ranging from death to expulsion due to misconduct.

## Referendums

Five states held or are set to hold statewide referendums, showcasing a diverse range of issues:

1. **Oklahoma**: Voters rejected the legalization of recreational marijuana for those 21 and older in a March special election.

2. **Wisconsin**: In an April special election, voters approved three ballot questions by significant margins.

3. **Ohio**: In an August special election, voters rejected a measure requiring a 60% majority for future amendments to the Ohio Constitution.

4. **Ohio (November)**: In the November election, Ohio voters will decide on measures to codify abortion rights and legalize recreational marijuana.

5. **Texas (November)**: In the November election, Texas voters will weigh in on 14 proposed amendments to the state constitution, along with local issues like bond proposals.

## Local Elections

### Mayoral Elections
Several major U.S. cities held or are scheduled to hold mayoral elections in 2023. Here are notable results and upcoming races:

– In Tampa, Florida, incumbent Jane Castor won re-election unopposed in March.
– Chicago saw Brandon Johnson defeating Paul Vallas in April.
– Eric Genrich secured re-election as Green Bay’s mayor in April.
– Satya Rhodes-Conway won re-election in Madison, Wisconsin, in April.
– Springfield, Illinois, experienced a narrow victory by Misty Buscher over incumbent Jim Langfelder in April.
– In Arlington, Texas, incumbent Jim Ross narrowly retained his seat in May.
– Eric Johnson won re-election unopposed in Dallas, Texas, in May.
– Mattie Parker secured re-election as mayor of Fort Worth, Texas, in May.
– Ron Nirenberg secured his third term as mayor of San Antonio, Texas, in May.
– Yemi Mobolade won in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in May.
– Donna Deegan succeeded Lenny Curry in Jacksonville, Florida, in May.
– Mike Johnston won in Denver, Colorado, in June.
– Steven Reed secured re-election in Montgomery, Alabama, in August.
– Freddie O’Connell succeeded John Cooper in Nashville, Tennessee, in September.

### Eligible Incumbents
Several mayors sought re-election, including Mike Coffman (Aurora, Colorado), Lauren McLean (Boise, Idaho), John Tecklenburg (Charleston, South Carolina), Vi Lyles (Charlotte, North Carolina), Andrew Ginther (Columbus, Ohio), Tom Henry (Fort Wayne, Indiana), Joe Hogsett (Indianapolis, Indiana), Indya Kincannon (Knoxville, Tennessee), Buddy Dyer (Orlando, Florida), Nick Gradisar (Pueblo, Colorado), Erin Mendenhall (Salt Lake City, Utah), Van R. Johnson (Savannah, Georgia), James Mueller (South Bend, Indiana), Nadine Woodward (Spokane, Washington), Domenic Sarno (Springfield, Massachusetts), Regina Romero (Tucson, Arizona), and Brandon Whipple (Wichita, Kansas).

### Ineligible or Retiring Incumbents
Several mayors, including Dan Horrigan (Akron, Ohio), James Brainard (Carmel, Indiana), Frank Cownie (Des Moines, Iowa), Elaine O’Neal (Durham, North Carolina), Lloyd Winnecke (Evansville, Indiana), Jerome Prince (Gary, Indiana), Luke Bronin (Hartford, Connecticut), Sylvester Turner (Houston, Texas), Joyce Craig (Manchester, New Hampshire), Jim Strickland (Memphis

, Tennessee), and Jim Kenney (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), were ineligible or chose not to seek re-election.

### Other Local Elections
Besides mayoral contests, various cities held elections for City Council, City Clerk, City Treasurer, Police District Councils, and Board of Commissioners, with special elections in Los Angeles, California, Multnomah County, Oregon, and a rescheduled election in West Linn, Oregon.

## Tribal Elections

Several Native American tribes held elections for tribal executive positions in 2023, including the Cherokee Nation, Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma, Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, Quapaw Nation, Chickasaw Nation, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, and Muscogee Nation. Notable victories and re-elections marked these elections, emphasizing the importance of tribal governance in the United States.

## Tribal Referendums

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians saw a substantial approval of an advisory referendum to allow adult use of recreational cannabis on tribal land, along with a second referendum permitting the sale of by-the-glass mixed drinks.

In conclusion, the 2023 United States elections encompass a wide array of federal, state, local, and tribal races, as well as referendums on crucial issues. These elections provide a snapshot of the political landscape and offer insights into the preferences and priorities of American voters.