Dearborn Mayor Abdullah Hammoud: A Pioneer in Michigan Politics

Dearborn, Mich., elected its first Muslim mayor in 2022 with the victory of Abdullah Hammoud. As a rising figure in the Democratic party, Hammoud discusses the importance of tangible wins and bold messaging. He highlights the advantages of diversity and youth in Dearborn, while emphasizing the need for investments in infrastructure and education. Hammoud’s leadership aims to create a more fair, effective, and prosperous future for the city.

Reviving the Spirit of Liberty: Empowering Citizens in our Republic

The US is a Constitutional Republic, it is not a Democracy nor is it a Democratic Republic. This site seeks to educate voters on their role in our Republic, why fair and honest elections are important and what we as a people can do to prevent the division and heartache that has seeped into the public conscience. We work to battle propaganda and establish truth, quash political corruption and unite our people in a common cause of prosperity for all.

Reclaiming the Power of the People: Restoring Democracy in Our Republic

In a time of political division and misinformation, it is crucial for us as citizens to understand the true nature of our government and our role in maintaining a prosperous nation. The United States is not a pure democracy or a democratic republic, but rather a constitutional republic. This distinction highlights the importance of fair and honest elections, as well as the need to quash political corruption and unite our people for the common cause of prosperity for all.